Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tutorial: Freaky Peeps!

I think that these things are awesome- and easy to make! They are kind of a home-made version of Ugly Dolls that you can design however you like.

Step 1: Collect your materials...

*Newspaper, computer paper, or any kind of some-what thin paper that is easy to draw on.

*1/2 yd or less-Fabric- I used some that was very thick and soft.

*Assorted buttons- some small, some big.

*Accent fabrics (black, white)

*Scissors and a stuffing tool (I use the end of a pointy hairbrush)

*Creativity- a whole lot of it!

*Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

Step 2: Drawing your creature...

Draw onto your paper. For inspiration (if you need it), you can look up images of Ugly Dolls or other creatures.

Step 3: Cut out your creature...

Step #4: Pin your drawing to the fabric and cut 2.

Step #5: With right sides together, sew along all edges of the creature. Leave a 3-4 inch whole where you will turn it right side out.

Step #6: Turn it right side out

Step #7: Stuff the doll with fiberfill, using your stuffing tool.

Step #8: Sew the opening closed.

Step #9: Cut rig rag or fabric for the mouth and find buttons for the eyes.

Step #10: Glue the eyes and mouth on using a hot glue gun.

~All Done~

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