Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petal Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Gorgeous, right? I whipped this one up in about half an hour. It'll probably take less than that-(I took pictures and got distracted several times during the 30 minutes.)

Step #1: Get your materials ready!

Step #2: Measure your wrist. Add about an inch for seams. This will be the length of the piece.

 Decide how wide you want it to be. Mine was about 2 inches. Longer? Shorter? You decide. WARNING: Do not add an inch or whatever for the seam. You don't make any seams on the sides.

Step #3: Measure and cut your piece. 

Place your piece aside after you have cut it.

Step #4: Cut out your petals...

Fold up pieces of your fabric and cut out petals. If you do not fold them up and make multiple petals at a time, it will take forever! I don't know exactly how many I made- just think that you need to cover your whole piece of bracelet fabric. How big? Most of mine were about a centimeter wide and and inch long. Even so, make sure to make varied shaped and sized petals.

Step #5: Begin to sew on your petals...

I don't really have any pictures of this step- so sorry! Basically, though, sew on the petals, covering almost the whole entire pieces of bracelet. Make them like feathers or something, coming out from the edges....

Your finished piece should look a little like this (don't be confused because I have two separate pieces- I just ended up sewing them into one big one, like yours.)

Step #6: With right sides together, sew the piece to make a bracelet. If it is too big, make the seams larger. 

Step#7: Cutting off the edges...

Cut of the excess fabric from the sides. Also, make sure to get rid of hanging threads.

Done at last!! Just kidding- it didn't even take that long!

So... I went a little over the top and basically did a 15- minute long photo shoot of myself out side, with my new accessory on. What can I say? I was madly excited. Plus, it matched my outfit extremely well- as if I matched the colors exactly or something...

Here's a glimpse (thats right, a glimpse- this isn't even all of it!) of the pictures I took.


  1. That is very cute! You can make a necklace with it too! I love the idea! Thanks!

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  4. This is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting it!


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