Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tutorial: Freaky Peeps!

I think that these things are awesome- and easy to make! They are kind of a home-made version of Ugly Dolls that you can design however you like.

Step 1: Collect your materials...

*Newspaper, computer paper, or any kind of some-what thin paper that is easy to draw on.

*1/2 yd or less-Fabric- I used some that was very thick and soft.

*Assorted buttons- some small, some big.

*Accent fabrics (black, white)

*Scissors and a stuffing tool (I use the end of a pointy hairbrush)

*Creativity- a whole lot of it!

*Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

Step 2: Drawing your creature...

Draw onto your paper. For inspiration (if you need it), you can look up images of Ugly Dolls or other creatures.

Step 3: Cut out your creature...

Step #4: Pin your drawing to the fabric and cut 2.

Step #5: With right sides together, sew along all edges of the creature. Leave a 3-4 inch whole where you will turn it right side out.

Step #6: Turn it right side out

Step #7: Stuff the doll with fiberfill, using your stuffing tool.

Step #8: Sew the opening closed.

Step #9: Cut rig rag or fabric for the mouth and find buttons for the eyes.

Step #10: Glue the eyes and mouth on using a hot glue gun.

~All Done~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petal Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Gorgeous, right? I whipped this one up in about half an hour. It'll probably take less than that-(I took pictures and got distracted several times during the 30 minutes.)

Step #1: Get your materials ready!

Step #2: Measure your wrist. Add about an inch for seams. This will be the length of the piece.

 Decide how wide you want it to be. Mine was about 2 inches. Longer? Shorter? You decide. WARNING: Do not add an inch or whatever for the seam. You don't make any seams on the sides.

Step #3: Measure and cut your piece. 

Place your piece aside after you have cut it.

Step #4: Cut out your petals...

Fold up pieces of your fabric and cut out petals. If you do not fold them up and make multiple petals at a time, it will take forever! I don't know exactly how many I made- just think that you need to cover your whole piece of bracelet fabric. How big? Most of mine were about a centimeter wide and and inch long. Even so, make sure to make varied shaped and sized petals.

Step #5: Begin to sew on your petals...

I don't really have any pictures of this step- so sorry! Basically, though, sew on the petals, covering almost the whole entire pieces of bracelet. Make them like feathers or something, coming out from the edges....

Your finished piece should look a little like this (don't be confused because I have two separate pieces- I just ended up sewing them into one big one, like yours.)

Step #6: With right sides together, sew the piece to make a bracelet. If it is too big, make the seams larger. 

Step#7: Cutting off the edges...

Cut of the excess fabric from the sides. Also, make sure to get rid of hanging threads.

Done at last!! Just kidding- it didn't even take that long!

So... I went a little over the top and basically did a 15- minute long photo shoot of myself out side, with my new accessory on. What can I say? I was madly excited. Plus, it matched my outfit extremely well- as if I matched the colors exactly or something...

Here's a glimpse (thats right, a glimpse- this isn't even all of it!) of the pictures I took.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sea-Glass-Mosaic Pendant Tutorial

This one is quick and easy! Plus, it looks great at the end.

Step #1: Gather your Materials.

You'll need:

*One large piece of sea glass (1 inch or shorter) of any shape or size
*Many small pieces of sea glass of varied colors- several must be able to fit inside the larger piece.

* A jewelry bail
*Diamond Glaze or other 3D glue

Step #2: Decide where you want the pieces to go and how they will fit onto the large piece.
Step #3:Glue the small pieces to the large one.

Glue many on until there is little space left. Make sure to experiment with putting different pieces in different place to make sure they fit together well and make sense.

This picture is sideways!

Step #4: Use a paintbrush to apply the glaze on all sides of the pendant. This will make it shiny + glossy. (no picture)

Wait for everything to dry.

Step #5: Attach the bail to the back.

Blurry pictures! Sorry!

Step #6: String onto some kind of chain or necklace. Enjoy!

Comment if you like it!

Note: The glue I used in this project is the same that I used in this pendant project.
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