Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sea-Glass-Mosaic Pendant Tutorial

This one is quick and easy! Plus, it looks great at the end.

Step #1: Gather your Materials.

You'll need:

*One large piece of sea glass (1 inch or shorter) of any shape or size
*Many small pieces of sea glass of varied colors- several must be able to fit inside the larger piece.

* A jewelry bail
*Diamond Glaze or other 3D glue

Step #2: Decide where you want the pieces to go and how they will fit onto the large piece.
Step #3:Glue the small pieces to the large one.

Glue many on until there is little space left. Make sure to experiment with putting different pieces in different place to make sure they fit together well and make sense.

This picture is sideways!

Step #4: Use a paintbrush to apply the glaze on all sides of the pendant. This will make it shiny + glossy. (no picture)

Wait for everything to dry.

Step #5: Attach the bail to the back.

Blurry pictures! Sorry!

Step #6: String onto some kind of chain or necklace. Enjoy!

Comment if you like it!

Note: The glue I used in this project is the same that I used in this pendant project.


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